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Meet me!

Owner, Bridal Stylist and Friend



Hello, I'm Libby, the proud owner of Rosaria Amore Bridal. I simply cannot wait to meet each and every one of my potential brides to be. With a real passion for empowering women, I hope that all of you that enter, leave feeling as though you have made a friend. 
With owning my own bridal boutique being a dream of mine for over 6 years, I feel extremely lucky to be able to share this boutique with you now. I am an experienced bridal stylist so I can promise professionalism and knowledge, but above all; a relaxed and trusted environment!

My boutique is beautiful, magical, enchanting and completely one of a kind.

Don't be fooled though; If i'm not here in the shop surrounded by sparkles, I can often be found in mucky boots with horses and sheep or with my wonderful family x

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